Every Life Is God's Masterpiece - 2021 Fundraiser

Come Join the Lifebeat 2021 Fundraiser Event! 

"Every Life Is God's Masterpiece"

Thursday, September 9, 2021
6:30 p.m - 8:00 p.m.

Second Baptist Church
831 Everett Blvd, Union City, TN 38261

Event Program:

Welcome & Acknowledgments

Opening Prayer

Organizational Report
Dee Keeling, Executive Director

Keynote Presentation
Special Guests
Tasha & Michael Fiedler

Financial Appeal
John Miles

Closing Prayer

Special Guests:

Tasha & Michael Fiedler

Tasha and Michael

Twenty-five years God was in hot pursuit chasing Tasha down while training her, to become His vessel in sharing her testimony. This is rightfully His story on how Tasha, a young twenty-two-year-old woman, had desperately longed for
twins since childhood. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the chance at the life God planned for them to live, but their names, their lives will forever be used to help their mother breathe the word of God into the ears of hurting mothers.

Last year when Tasha was able to fully feel her sin red as crimson turn white as wool, and after God said, “It is finished”, he put her to work at the Women’s Health and Wellness Clinic in Monroe, GA., where she has been a volunteer as a Client Advocate.

A woman is created by the hands of the Lord to bring forth children. Her soul longs to nurture, protect, and love her babies. It is unnatural to take the life of her child. We aren’t created in that manner. Therefore, the aftermath of abortion is like slow suffocation. Our babies are welcomed immediately into the kingdom of God. We, their mothers, are left behind in isolated quiet desperation with grim hope of our future.


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