2022 Mother's Day Baby Bottle Campaign

Every year, we ask churches and individuals to take one of our baby bottles and pray for our babies. On May 8th, the 2022 Baby Bottle Campaign will start and it will run through Father's Day. We will hand out a card with one of our baby's names that have been reached through LifeBeat.

Each card with a child's name has a story. Please pray for that child and their family. You may not know the struggles each family is going through, but God knows. Some mothers are struggling with accepting Jesus as their Savior as we have talked with each one of them about that. Some are struggling with being good parents due to most of them being single. We are so thankful that they chose life, but we don't stop there. These families need physical, emotional, and spiritual encouragement. Pray that the Lord gives us the wisdom to be there for our clients.

As you pray for these babies, we ask that you fill the bottle with money that will enable LifeBeat to do the work that God wants us to do. Not only does LifeBeat benefit, but our babies and their families do as well.

Contact us now to learn more about this campaign and how to donate by clicking the button below!

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