LifeBeat has experienced a lot of change over the last year. 

It all began when I felt the Lord speaking to my heart about purchasing a mobile unit to travel to other towns and provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Moving forward with this word was a huge step of faith for us, but God has been with us the whole way.

After I spoke at a church and shared what God had called us to do, a man contacted me to pledge $100,000 toward the mobile unit. Then, in August, we had a fundraiser, where another $100,000 poured in. It certainly goes without saying that when God wants us to build something, he will provide the tools we need!

Even after all the generous donations, He still wasn't finished. When we needed a portable ultrasound machine for our mobile clinic, the Psalms 139 Project and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention of Tennessee stepped in. They gifted us a machine capable of being upgraded to 3D and 4D technology. Once again, we got to see His hand at work as the funds required for the upgrade started to come in.

Because of the machine's high-end technology, our clients will see so much more than a glob of tissue. They will see a precious baby with visible facial features and expressions, moving, turning, and jumping.

We have watched as God has molded everything together. He has provided a way for us to expand our services to reach a bigger population. So, while most of our parenting classes and our women’s clinic will remain in Tiptonville, we will finally be taking our mobile clinic on the road.

Needless to say, our ministry will be very busy this year. We are thankful for all who have made this possible and those devoting their time as volunteers. For anyone who feels God is leading them to make a difference in the lives of women in West Tennessee, LifeBeat has many opportunities available to you.

Dee Keeling - Director