baby bottleMother’s Day is when we have our Baby Bottle Campaign. Each individual or family takes a baby bottle home that has a baby’s name on the bottle. We ask that each pray for the baby, their family and LifeBeat for one month.

Each collect money in the bottle for LifeBeat so we can help save more lives throughout the year.

We have several hundred baby bottles distributed out to churches. They were passed out on Mothers' Day.

Everyone that has a baby bottle is asked to pray for the baby's first name on the bottle and fill the bottle up with money for LifeBeat. All bottles will be taken up on Father's Day and given back to LifeBeat. It is a two-fold blessing: Our babies and their families will be prayed for and money will be collected to help us reach out to more clients. If you would like to have your church or you as an individual take some of our baby bottles to pray for our babies and help raise funds for LifeBeat, please contact us.

You will be blessed as well as our clients and LifeBeat.