Read about what some of our clients are saying about LifeBeat!


"I like[d] the comfort in their concerns to meet my every need.  This was a great experience only because of the staff. I was discouraged, but they made me comfortable."

"The staff were very supportive and welcoming."

"The staff are very professional and good at what they do."

"I liked seeing the baby for the first time and talking and getting to know the staff."

"They were all so kind, helpful and passionate about what they do.  It is a great place to come [to]. I always feel welcome here. It is always so nice to have someone there to pray with me."

"The employees made me feel at home and comfortable. I was very satisfied with my visit."

"I like how kind and concerned and respectful the staff was."

"I feel [Crossroads] is a great place to come when you need help.  I like that they are easy to talk to."

"I felt very comfortable here. After the ultrasound, I canceled my abortion appointment."

"I liked it best when I was prayed for."