LifeBeat Family Resource Center is a charitable organization that offers pregnancy-related services and counsel to girls and women in Lake and Obion Counties through Crossroads Women’s Clinic and Hope, our mobile pregnancy clinic. To keep our services free of charge, we depend exclusively on fundraisers, one-time gifts, and recurring gifts from our faithful donors.

At the moment, we greatly need donations to help support our new mobile pregnancy clinic. Specifically, we need funds to cover the ongoing maintenance and travel costs of the mobile clinic as well as the costs of additional medical supplies and the salaries and insurance of our medical staff.

We are partnering with RADA Cutlery for a fundraiser to help us meet our financial needs. Read more below to find out how you can help!


RADA Cutlery is a line of timeless knives and kitchen utensils whose name has become a household favorite. The company teams up with churches, schools, and organizations to help them raise money for causes they're passionate about.

We wanted to partner with a trustworthy company that delivers an everyday product at a great price. RADA Cutlery is 100% American-made with superior craftsmanship. The business began in 1948 with a small family in Iowa, and because of the high quality of their knives, some of their original pieces are still in production today!

In addition to its quality, RADA cutlery is sold at a great value with a lifetime guarantee. The company has also expanded its product line to include pans, books, quick mixes, and gift sets.

Any purchase from RADA will not only be a great addition to your kitchen or to your mother's kitchen (check out their gift sets for Mother's Day) but will also help LifeBeat tremendously!

How to Order

We are conducting both face-to-face and online sales for this fundraiser.

Face-to-face Sales

If you prefer to see a catalog in-person, we can deliver one to you. Then, if you decide to make a purchase, you will simply give your money to our representative, who will deliver your product to you once it's ready.

If you or your church, organization, or business would like to view the catalog in person, please call LifeBeat at (731) 253-7222.

Online Sales

To make an online purchase, you can visit our unique Store Link below to view the catalog and make your purchase. All proceeds from purchases made will go directly to LifeBeat, and RADA will ensure timely delivery of your product.

For online orders, visit our Store.

Order now!

For any questions about the RADA Fundraiser, call LifeBeat at (731) 253-7222. For more information about how to donate to LifeBeat, visit our Donate page.